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January 12, 2016
By Poisoned_Candy_Apple GOLD, Plainfield, Connecticut
Poisoned_Candy_Apple GOLD, Plainfield, Connecticut
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Meet my roommate
He doesn’t say much
And prefers I not call Him by His name
But He has definitely changed my life

When I come home he waits for me on the couch
He’s silent and polite
And offers me Tissues and sweets
Cupcakes or ice cream
And a movie to make me see
Exactly what I want my life to be
And by the deepest of night and the darkest of hours
Would my tissues be soaked and my jeans feel tight
But He would be there for me

When the yellow digital lights of the clock
Read 11:52 I would often find him waiting
Patient on my unmade bed
Inviting my to lie with Him
Lie to Him
And keep the heat down.
He enjoys the cold.
He would grip me in blankets and wrap me in darkness
And as my breathing slows and my heartrate drops
As my muscles relax and my mind wanders
Would He remind me of the person lying in that bed
The person who’s head is never at rest
Where the mess of her life crumbles like the Berlin wall.
The person who sees sunrise every morning
Because He keeps me up.

He has me strapped to the mattress
He has me tied in my blankets
When the alarm goes off.
He allows me to move enough to hit the snooze
Roll over
Stay in bed
I have to be at work in an hour
I still haven’t showered and I know my hair won’t be tamed
So finally will he let me up
He will strap weights to my ankles and allow me to drag my feet
I’m late to work, but He’s joined me
He encourages me to get coffee
A one to two ratio of cream and sugar and I always need a lot
Six creams and twelve sugar’s it’s not even coffee anymore
But He’d encourage me to have three cups in one hour
And sometimes mix in a shot of redbull

He doesn’t like me looking both ways before I cross the street
Or checking if something I’m about to eat is too hot
He doesn’t like umbrellas
He wants me to sit right on the stones of the pit during a bonfire
He doesn’t like me being careful with my body
But He’s always there for me
He sits on my shoulders like the Angel and Devil
But He’s red on left or right and he covers me
Entangles me
Coils me into his web of protection
As the cars just miss me
And the food always burns me
And the water always hits me and the fire always brands me
But it’s okay
Because He’s always there for me

My friends don’t like Him
They think He’s changed me
They think He’s made me submissive and sad
Hey think He’s the reason I’m bad at answering my phone
They think he’s the reason I tattooed myself in red ink
But what they think Isn’t really 100% right

He’s my roommate
He doesn’t say much
And prefers I not call Him by His name
But He has definitely changed my life

The author's comments:

I saw a video on Youtube called "Living with Deppression" by a poet I lost the name to. I decided to take my own wack at something similar

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