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January 10, 2016
By latenightthoughts BRONZE, New York, New York
latenightthoughts BRONZE, New York, New York
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As I stared in her eyes, the color of the earth after a rainy day, full of life, ready to present me with a life changing opportunity, it is evident she does not take anyone's bulls***.
Her demeanor is strong
As the tides that flow across the sand on a breezy night.
"No, sorry" rolls from her tongue in a split second if something does not benefit her.
She knows what she wants in life.
How can you tell a girl with this much tenaciousness that she's not strong?
Have you spoken to her to make the inference?
No, you do not have a clue what she has dealt with.
How her dreams have became a reality while you sit in a nine to five, wishing you were living hers.
Strength prevails from her fingertips.
Sweet and gentle to those who know her, but aggressive and demanding to those she knows do not need to be in her life.
Do not tell me she does not radiate strength because that is all she knows.
After her father's deportation to the Dominican Republic, to spending years without seeing her mother, how else could she continue living?
In a world where unity is difficult to maintain.
And dreams slip from people's hands on a daily basis.
She's an inspiration.
My inspiration.
The kind of person I constantly fumble with becoming.

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