The Willow Tree MAG

January 7, 2016
By John_Shewbolt BRONZE, LACOMBE, Louisiana
John_Shewbolt BRONZE, LACOMBE, Louisiana
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The genesis of the willow tree came.
Months passed and the tree grew
into a slender sapling.
It remained bare for endless days and nights.
One day the sky turned black and the wind
became fierce.
The distant and eerie thunder foretold the
coming of a great storm.
The sky tore its belly open and let loose
heaven’s flood.
Sheets of rain pelted the soil of the willow tree.
Brazen winds attacked it and twisted
its spiny limbs.
The willow tree shook and trembled, but it
remained steadfast against the tempest.
Seven stormy seasons passed.
The willow tree weathered them all.
Daylight broke, and the sun shone proudly
upon the mighty sapling.
The willow tree soaked up its nourishment.
It grew tall, wide, and sturdy.
It sprouted magnificent leaves that hung
like moss from an oak.
The dry months passed and storms returned.
They attacked the willow tree once more.
But this time, it didn’t even quiver.

The author's comments:

The strength and beauty of the willow tree. 

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