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A dime of abuse

January 2, 2016
By R.smiles SILVER, Frisco, Texas
R.smiles SILVER, Frisco, Texas
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A coin tossed in the air,
Flipping back and forth between,
Up and down
Right and wrong
Yes or no.

A coin tossed in the air,
Doesn’t have a clue of how it got there.
Seams it can’t do anything but fall.

It landed on its rim
Couldn’t pick a side on which to cave in.
Left out in the streets with no one to even notice it’s there.

Except, a few adventurous people who wanted to help it out.
Finally a seed of hope it thought.
They wanted to clean it off and take it home as if it were their own.

But they were told no, when they asked if they could.
Everyone said “Don’t pick that up it`s dirty! It`s not ours. Somebody else will do it.”
So that seed of hope just blew away
Having been denied any and every nutrients it needed to blossom.

So the coin was left there.
It just sat there day by day collecting
More rust
More battle wounds
More scars
Not being able to shine enough, so that someone would notice
It was lost and desperately wanted an escape from the sewer it was kicked into.

The author's comments:

This poem I wrote in an ananlogy of a coin and an abuse story. I feel that abuse is not talked about enough for people to understand it and recognize it when it is happening. This poem is about an abuseive relation ship and the people in the relationship that feel trapped forgoten and lost. This peom talks about a dark subject but in a way descreate way. For example if you do not read the title the whole peom had a different meaning. 

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