Mental Trap

January 6, 2016
By WordReveler BRONZE, N/A, Washington
WordReveler BRONZE, N/A, Washington
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Here I am trapped
alone in my thoughts,
Blanketed in my internal
lies: ‘It will be all right’
It’s a mental fight.
I try to speak
as my sirens blaze,
my mental prison bell,
I ask for help,
to gain some friends,
as I’m pulled back,
it never ends.
I peer through the bars
of my inner jail
trying to reach out
and get some help,
but my thoughts keep me hostage.
Looking out at the world
that I’m not in,
trapped in the bubble
that I’m within,
loneliness fills my troubled heart,
I cannot touch it,
I reach, but I’m held back,
I look, and it’s not there.
They look at me,
and say ‘Oh, that’s too bad.’
as I lose, suddenly,
friends I never had.
In this cage,
I’m bottled in,
escape seems unattainable,
but a glimmer of hope that I could,
does make my life sustainable.

The author's comments:

Sometimes I seem so trapped in my own contemplations, others seem untouchable.

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