A List Of Things Which Make Me Me, You You and Us Us.

December 27, 2015
By BlueBlueBlue BRONZE, Montpellier, Alabama
BlueBlueBlue BRONZE, Montpellier, Alabama
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When one is asked to describe another person's uniqueness, others tend to describe personality traits such as kindness, passion, creativity, laziness, intelligence. But the thing is, we all possess at least a little of each of these, in some dose.

So here is a list of things which actually define our uniqueness:

Cashu crumbs matted into the depth of the wool pocket of my coat;

My hair tucked into a turtleneck sweater, wisps of it floating around my ears;

Almost impperceptible paint stains on my jeans, and the mild but constant metallic smell of pencil shavings lingering on my sleeves;

My permanently cold and dry hands holding yours;

Your signature flannel shirts which you wear with absolutely everything;

Your worn-out mocassin shoes which have seen all kinds of extreme weathers, but which you just can't bring yourself to get rid of;

Your oh-so-hipster Rayban geek glasses which you whisk off dramatically whenever you want to seem serious;

Your one and only eraser which you carry everywhere, in all circumstances.

Sketching and people-watching in the park;

The strange necessity for my hand to be on the top;

Persuading you to wait until the last bus at the bus stop to spend the maximum of time together;

Spending hours tutoring ourselves on How To Kiss Properly and perfecting our Cuddling Skills -- "nah-ah, too much tongue" "sorry, that was my elbow" "lovely, I've always wanted to have a mouthful of hair" "your glasses are poking my eye" --

And not even being ashamed of it.

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