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Female Privilege

December 12, 2015
By Jabojoe BRONZE, Ewing, New Jersey
Jabojoe BRONZE, Ewing, New Jersey
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We are the exceptions

The girls who haven't done their homework in three years
But whose eyelashes bat shamelessly at their male teachers,
We calculate the pitch of our laughs,
And the twirls of our hair,
To an exact science,
We convince ourselves we have to be nice,
That there is safety in being polite,
Men’s kindness is so rare that we assume we are being hit in every time,
We remember when we were 13 and our parents told us wearing shorts skirts in public meant we were asking for it,
15- when we are the extra points on tests and the forgotten infractions in tight short dresses,
16- we are too busy warding off boys to answer the teacher's questions,
This is not female privilege,
This is battle of the beauty queens,
We are barked at in the street like meat,
We are afraid of the men who have achieved success by not taking no for an answer,
I'll stop writing about this when my words say more than my outfit,
When others don't feel entitled to touch me,
I'll stop writing about feminism when people stop giving me material.

The author's comments:

For everyone who says female privilege exists.

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