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November 17, 2015
By danranz BRONZE, ..., Hawaii
danranz BRONZE, ..., Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
"..." William Shakespear

This one is fort the Step Monsters
For the little mistakes and the products of a one night stand
For those who are blinded with ignorance
For the boys who wear dresses
For the girls who wear suits
The ones who love them
The ones who hate them

For the kids choosing the lesser of two evils
For the honest liars
For the lines of poetry that just weren’t deep enough

The toothless smiles
The gold-plated frowns

For the boys and girls who are too scared to come out of the closet
The selfish ones with no “real problems”
For the children without people to teach them how to function

The socially absent
The life of the party

The ones that just try to please
The ones who have given up

Your voices are the ones that echo in my mind
And the are the ones that should be preserved the most
Even the ones stripped of their voices
You can still speak Volumes

And your voices are precious

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