Honeysuckle Ukulele MAG

November 20, 2015
By johngotchi BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
johngotchi BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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The ashy sky would forever give way
to deciduous pine
and lavender threads that once locked together became bleak
and frigid, bubbling over with
feelings of what could have been.
pale knuckles, scabbed over.
Knees, grass-stained.

Holding my breath because I knew it
would not last.
But – smitten at two glances.
Until now, I was always met alone.
So, for a minute there, I lost myself.
But; you changed your mind.

Dreams of days spent with Lisa Frank and
flowering vines
disintegrated by your hand,
you made the choice to only live for yourself.
But, that was always the case.
Now, just remember me as one who lived there.
Since then, I spent my summer lying
beneath the stairs.

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