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November 12, 2015
By spidersforsale GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
spidersforsale GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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School told me
to count the stars
and calculate the
ounces of water
in the ocean
and the only
conclusion that
I could
conjure up was
the difference
left and right
because I was
taught from
birth that
up is different
than down
and the sky
will forever stay
never did tell
me why or how
I needed to
calculate the
all I know
is that
I am drowning in
a building
full of flashcards
and unneeded
that I will
only use to
break minds
and fill them up
with emptiness.
The artificial lights
and the cold
metal desks
are all that I
because no one
will tell me
why I am here.

The author's comments:

This piece is my perspective of school. I honestly will ask my teachers why I need to know all of the algebra and scientific vocabulary and they never tell me, they just shrug. I want to know real things, such as how to get into college and how to not ruin friendships, but school just crams inforamtion in your head. I want someone to change how the world teaches kids in school.

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