War and Innocence

November 12, 2015
By raleighr BRONZE, Plaq, Louisiana
raleighr BRONZE, Plaq, Louisiana
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Two white boys appear standing in front of a man-made mountain
The house is light blue but the grass is dull like the non-existing sun
The fog starts to set
Two young boys full of courage
Their guilty innocent faces.
They have their guns.
One holds a sniper, the other has a shotgun.
The brown haired boy has white flakes of snow in his hair, almost acting as camouflage.
The mud attacking their bodies
The guns must have fired.
Who was it?
All of the sudden, the blonde headed boy hits the ground.
His freckles crawling over his face.
Chance of survival is negative.
The background fading away like the shore on a beach
A shot fires again.
The other boy falls out the tree and shatters his leg.
Their neat ruffled hair is now a mess.
Stuck into place like gum on the bottom of a shoe
Not again
It’s time to pick up the nerf guns
Mom says supper is ready

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