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November 8, 2015
By Scriba SILVER, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Scriba SILVER, East Brunswick, New Jersey
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The magician strides down the theatre aisle,
(the man shuffles down the hallway)
his shoes a mere whisper on the carpet.
(bare feet scraping on the tiled floor)
The audience cheers as he walks by,
(orderlies shout as they see him pass)
making his way to the stage.
(heading for the empty operating room)
He extends his hand to his assistant
(he grabs a female orderly)
and spins her into his arms.
(and pins her to his chest)
She lies down on the table
(he straps her to the operating table)
and he covers her with two boxes.
(and he covers her with a sheet)
The audience waits with bated breath.
(the orderlies watch, helpless, at the door)
“Now, for my next trick,” he booms,
(now, for my next trick, he whispers)
“I will saw a woman in half!”
(I will saw a woman in half)
The audience applauds as he lifts his saw
(the orderlies scream as he lifts a knife)
and slides it neatly between the boxes.
(and rests it quivering on the woman’s middle)
The saw glides back and forth,
(the knife jerks back and forth)
easily slicing through.
(slowly tearing through)
The assistant’s hand waves,
(the woman’s hand dangles)
and her feet kick.
(and her feet are still)
The audience roars.
(the orderlies shriek)
The magician bows,
(the man bows)
sweeping his hat from his head,
(drawing the knife across his throat)
and the house lights fade to black.
(and his world fades to black)

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on Nov. 19 2015 at 11:27 pm
spinnerofyarns GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Nobody but a reader ever became a writer." -- Richard Peck

I like the format you used for this piece, showing both what the madman sees and what is actually happens.

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