Is that the Roof or the Ceiling? MAG

November 7, 2015
By Major_Major BRONZE, Jubail Industrial City, Other
Major_Major BRONZE, Jubail Industrial City, Other
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And are those little rhombuses in a big square?
Or many squares in one rhombus? If so
then the whole room is a rhombus and
so would be the whole first floor and
therefore the whole house
would not be square.
If that were true, the whole block
would no longer be a nice orderly
rectangle with its rows and columns – everything
would be a diagonal catastrophe of roads, streets,
toll-roads, and highways
would have to go north-west to south-east
to be right to left and left to right again …
the city’s fine
because the little rhombuses in the
squares on the ceiling have their own tiny
baseball diamonds in them,
four perfectly tangled kites
in a warm waning breeze.

The author's comments:

I was lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of a poem to write for my creative writing class. This was the end result.

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