Emotions of the heart

October 26, 2015
By XOXONANI GOLD, Killeen, Texas
XOXONANI GOLD, Killeen, Texas
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Favorite Quote:

Heart beats,but am i alive? Its beating, but it doesn't feel.

Im pretty sure its hiding in it's protective case.


 Mending It's scars slowly pulling itself back together again.

Living in fear of people who are out to destroy it.


 Silenced..unwilling to open up or trust. Intruders are always capable to come in. Shattering glass on the ground, just to watch you clean it up


It's numb the beatings gave it a black eye.Black and blue bruises surrounds it's body...It's damaged.

Unable to feel,  it covers up the scars.


It says its okay, but in all actuallity i know its not, i feel it cry in the middle of the night.

The author's comments:

 My heart is like another per son in me, It feels what I dont display. The brokenness the hut , the lies.

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