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October 20, 2015
By Inkwelldone BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Inkwelldone BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?" - Virginia Woolf

I reached behind my head and found a tangle.
My hand was caught by the net of disregard, pulled forward.
My fingers worked nimbly through with
practiced skill; muscle memory.
I found another tangle, closer to my skull and quicker to annoy.
I ripped through my hair with the indifference
of a lead singer
having to sing that song again. Having to face
that mess again.
Like Sherman through Atlanta.
I could pull my hair back or leave it down.
I could give it up or rip it out.
I could let it get worse or deal with the
like a shirtwaist factory fire,
like a broken guitar string,
like a metaphor for my anxiety. I’m tangled up.

The author's comments:

As someone with Anxiety and Depression 'normal' things can be incredibly hard, and slowly build up until you feel like you cant face anything. I've found that writing makes it a little less daunting.

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