October 19, 2015
By Damarea BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Damarea BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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A lot of things can come from one’s name but how you interpret it is up to you. It can mean something special or just something basic.
My name to me stems from fathers middle “Demario”. Showing the relationship I have with him. There are different forms of it but all could mean different things.
My roots go deep in the ground spreading far through the soil of my family. It touches m white side which gives my tree nutrients. Then digs into my black side which makes the soil richer, giving My tree life and a backbone but then it ranges to hitting that Mexican part I have that makes my racial background mixed. I’m very connected with m family and where I came from. My roots make me….me.
My trunk is strong, but has been attempted to be cut down but the ax just left scars proving I can’t be hurt. Over time I’ve gotten a couple holes most are healed but some are still open…
My branches are thick and long ranging out to reach the sky for everything it wants. He leaves are dark green with a few bird nests to hold the ones I care for. Some branches have been cu down standing for my dreams but not all dreams come true. I’ve lost a few bird nests because the chose to fly away but with time came more opportunities for me to let more birds into my tree.
As I’ve grown many things have changed. Times or seasons caused me to loose all my leaf’s and become cold but I would always re-grow them bigger and better. I would become stronger.
The tree I’ve grown into is one that would forever live and leave a stump in its path….

The author's comments:

I have a creative writing class and this piece was an assignment that i writtten about my life 

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