October 14, 2015
By xbandanx BRONZE, Sacramento, California
xbandanx BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Who the **** are you? Deciding what I can and can’t say?

Who the **** are you? Choosing what I can and can’t see?You’re the ****ing oppression

The reason behind the Depression 

Picking what the **** is right and what the **** is wrong

What gives you the ****ing right to block the truths we hold?
What gives you the ****ing right to block my imagination?
Aren’t we, as humans, allowed to express every sensation?

Make me famous on media, I'm mass murderer,
but god forbid you see any relations

From the kid pointing his finger, to the kid building a clock
What gives you the ****ing right? You are no god.

Hiding the words, _____ was the reason the towers fell
Hiding the words, _____ was the reason there’s no Kennedy left
When Snowden leaked, you screeched
Framed for espionage?
Or telling the truth?
So tell me?

Who the **** are you?

Are you for the people? No.

You’re for the simple minded.

The author's comments:

I wrote this because I'm against being censored and I'm against the withholding of the truth. Ignorance is never positive. Be informed and be aware of your surroundings.

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