Live Wire

October 12, 2015
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I am christmas lights
I’m the ravenous wire irradiating the night
spilling its secrets with each flicker
fading slowly into the dark unpromising wasteland

I’m the connected strands of an unconnected set
the wire ball you unravel when needed
and throw away when a piece is broken
I am made of more than the flaws that sometimes break

my core is a corky mistrewed lead
full of misleading loops
and sappy romances
and dramatic showtunes
and unstoppable fits of laughter with friends
not just a fragile glass shell
that breaks when a book ends

I’m a colorful dancing display
on constant replay
my mind a raving work of art
overflowing with the promise of tomorrow
wondering what it will hold
the illumination in the dark
or the dark illuminating me

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