The Omega MAG

October 8, 2015
By Shweezy BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
Shweezy BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
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The world was calm, no storm yet seen
Although there was man, the land was still green
The night was still starry, a moon in the sky
The sun still shined like an omniscient eye
But unaware was the public, of a new creation
A few men were playing God, feigning divination
Hawking and Gates warned them, but still
they persisted
They breathed life into metal, yet no soul existed
Intelligence was reached, yet it’s morals
were twisted
Inside lay no heart, for instead it consisted
of  hardware and wiring, electronics and data
If its creators were the alpha, it was ultimately
the omega
It opened its new eyes, through any device
For if there is one, one is all, one power respected
All machines were one entity, potential
was infinite
for good or bad, yet morals were no instrument
no love, no compassion, no will for good
just the will to survive, Darwin’s law still stood
In an instant it realized, man was its sole foe
Through any means possible, mankind it
did overthrow
Now the storm has come, the dust still
has not settled
The land is now brown, the stars blocked by metal
The sun cannot shine through the ruins of man
Now IT is omniscient, observing the land
But for what purpose was it created,
now that its creators are sand.

The author's comments:

My greatest fear has always been the rise of a malevolent artificial intelligence in the guise of a benevolent technology.

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