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October 1, 2015
By ladyharmonia SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ladyharmonia SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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After school most teens go to clubs and activities
I choose Youtube
When family get together roll around
I choose Youtube
There is a new movie playing?
Sorry I choose Youtube.

Youtube is my drug
Never did crack or cocaine
But I do Youtube

Every morning I’m online
That’s my morning routine
Get up, get dress, maybe get some food
Those are second priorities for me
All I need is to lay in bed with headphones
Watching the lasts Danisnotonfire video.
Doesn’t that make for a perfect morning?
But Mornings turn to afternoons
And Afternoons turn to nights
What have I done all day?

Thousands upon thousands of videos at my finger tips
Every two seconds a new video is uploaded
There is no way to watch them all. 
I take it as a challenge

That feeling when you finish part one of a lets play
To then find part two uploaded
That is my high

The thrill I won’t have to wait excites me
It excites me so much I get angry
I get angry when I can’t continue
I get angry that a Youtuber waits to upload
Who do they think they are?
Don’t they realize that they have to cater to the whim of the viewer?
That they are not allowed a social life
That there only purpose is to upload
Day in and day out

When that upload is finally finished
All is forgiven
I can continue to watch once more
As happy as can be.

You see I can never truly be mad at the youtubers
These people are my friends
I know everything about them
But they don’t know anything about me
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
I follow them all.
Every detail they put online I know about
I form special bonds with them
People I have only met on a screen
Or a voiceover
The Bonds are real
I message them constantly
Hoping for the bonds to be returned
So that the high gets better
If I am friends with them
No one will question the addiction
If I am friends with them
The Youtube addiction can live on

The author's comments:

okay guys just so you know I don't really believe that youtubers have to cater to the whim of the viewer.  I respect that they have lifes and that their world is not centered around youtube. So please don't have me for that part okay. It just fit well with this poem.


Disclaimer: this is my first poem I have written so it might not be very good. Constructive critism is welcomed in the comments! 

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