Remembering Rwanda

August 11, 2015

Mindless scourges emblemmed with bloodlust preeminence
filled with ignominious pervasive words
passing along the satanic soul
that rips and chars humanity like a deadly wildfire
which god-fearing, self-serving supremes won't even liberate
because if you hurl a yllet nto the soft heart of a snow white dove' it dies,
but aim a pistol in the range of a beastly mutt
and have an entire pack of wrathful monsters snarling at you
In the blind massacre, pattering of innocent heartbeats will cease
and the big red distinctive line between human and animal is utterly blurred
Loss and grief so extreme
lain over a nation like a dark asphyxiating storm
Only the most valiant of souls can obviate and save themselves
from the wreckage and demise
planting sanguine hope in the ashes
rectifying a shattered country
through the most unexpected act of forgiveness

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