River Flowed In You

July 11, 2015
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I walked towards a door
Which opened to a river glinting under the stars
There my feet sank unto the bed of earth
Which was soaked and extended along the bank
At last when I could detach my feet
I headed into the waters
And dipped myself into the cold
I could not see where the stream should take me
As I let my body drift into the river
Through miles and distance I had never beheld
An object pierced my back
The river had turned into ice, a crystal body
But the stars kept their glow
When the stagnancy persisted
I had a vision of where the river wanted to go
Thus I prayed that the water may be alive again
That the ice should be dislodged from my back
That my body should float once more into the clear space
But my prayers had not been answered
Nor the angels had heard my cries
It was not to be, it could not be
Because the river flowed in you

It is you where the river could not take me.

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