Life to the Fullest

July 3, 2015
By DesmineRobinson PLATINUM, Melvindale, Michigan
DesmineRobinson PLATINUM, Melvindale, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is an opportunity."
"Different is normal."
"We have to love ourselves, so we can properly love someone else."

Have you ever felt breathless but at the same time felt as if you were going to live forever?

Have you ever hugged someone like a person grabs a phone to call 911 in an emergency?

Has it ever been so hard to keep your head up- that it felt like you had strings pulling your chin up to the clouds?

Have you ever took a picture with someone because you knew that you'll never see anything like that moment again?

Have you ever been so excited for tomorrow that you never sleep today?

Have you ever turned a hard rock song up all the way and rocked out and went through the entire day- without complaining that you're tired,  not ONCE?

Have you ever purposely stayed up until an hour before you had to wake up?

Have you ever took a ride with Life and let her take you anywhere she wanted to take you?..... 

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