July 1, 2015
By CassieEJ SILVER, Robbins, North Carolina
CassieEJ SILVER, Robbins, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"What's the point in being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?"
-John Green

Reasons why I am like a turtle:

I get run over a lot. Not in the "I like to play in traffic" kind of way

But the "there is a big angry pick up truck coming towards me and maybe if I don't move and make myself look smaller I can avoid confrontation" kind of way.

I carry pieces of home with me.

I fiddle with the bracelet you gave me when everything else moves far too quickly.


Reasons why I am like a moth:

I had so much potential.

You took an interest in me when I was still a caterpillar and waited patiently while I stayed in my cocoon

But now I just pick at your clothes and fly to you like the porch light on a summer night

I am not the monarch you deserve.


Reasons why I am like an octopus:

I am a master of disguise.

I can look however you want me to.

I am also, essentially, spineless, which can make standing up straight difficult sometimes.

I am considered to be intelligent, and lead a mostly solitary lifestyle.


Reasons why I am like an otter:

I would like to fall asleep holding hands with you.

I realize that we are in a bed and not in water, but sometimes it still feels like we're floating and I am terrified of drifting apart.


The other day, you told me I was like a lion.

But I know that you were only referring to the curl of my hair, and that you don't always have a way with words

So yes, I am like a lion. Just minus the pride.

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