An Unusual one

June 11, 2015
By DesmineRobinson PLATINUM, Melvindale, Michigan
DesmineRobinson PLATINUM, Melvindale, Michigan
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"Life is an opportunity."
"Different is normal."
"We have to love ourselves, so we can properly love someone else."

You're a tough code to crack and I don't get why everyone loves you. I don't even understand why I like you so much. I see in you something special, something someone doesn't see often here- like a diamond in a pool of glass- we're all shiny but you're the one really glowing. I look at you as my equal- but your warm presence and crowd pleasing nature whips me. How can you be this way- how do I make you happy- how do I make you sad- how do I make you angry- do people love you and not understand you- or do you keep your cirlce so small and your personality so big that all I notice is your presence and not the stillness in your eye contact, the pitch and volume of your voice, the trembles in your arms, the difference in how you dress, how you did your hair, and how it all connects to your mood.... why do I see you as this defenseless child.... you're older than I am. Maybe your preciousness is a calling to be babied- and since I refuse to feed in so easily we mix, sometimes. But you remind me often, that you're not special for nothing- and I remind you that you aren't more special than anyone else.... I resist your illusion and I snatch out the truth... and I do this because I really do love you. You're my friend and you're my friend because we shared plenty of laughs and experiences together- we seen each other in bad times and good and supported each other- whether it was I in a rare silence or you in a funky mood- you'd give me a spontaneous hug- and I'd give you selfless entertainment. Just to see you marvel would daze me, because as if you're my child, I'd do almost anything to make you happy- but almost anything to make you stronger. Oh.... you're an unusual one aren't you? Aren't you?

The author's comments:

About friends who are more special than you can understad how- and how I deal with my friend- as I am swept away by them- I also challenge them to keep them from being egotistic.

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