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i am deep

May 12, 2015
By Firegirl03 GOLD, Burlington, Vermont
Firegirl03 GOLD, Burlington, Vermont
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i am deep.
i have poetry
in my veins.
i have the secrets
of the universe
in my soul.
i have fire
kindling my fingers
which itch to write
the stories
of the ancients.

i am enlightened
and you
are seeking enlightenment.
come, and i
will teach
in cryptic verse
and obscure speech.
i have lived
so many lives
before you.

i am lifted
upon a pedestal
of knowledge.
above all
above you
above god.
i am exempt
from the rules
of common people.
i am anything
but common.

do you understand?
my mightiness
reigns supreme.
my mind
is forever sharp.
my eyes
see all.
i am the poet,
the literate.
i am more
than all of you.

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