April 27, 2015
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Time is a scoundrel,
It sneaks like a cat,
It will catch me like a mouse,
It will crush me like a gnat..

It tortures me how,
The clock never stops,
It will tick time away,
Till the day I drop.

I look at its face,
It smiles back,
Its twisted grin burns me,
Till I finally crack.

“Please just slow down!”
I scream in dismay,
“Life is too short!”
But whatever I say,

Its pendulum swings,
Not missing a beat,
Its hands whirl around,
As coldly as sleet.

The universe scorns,
And mocks me, too,
Our solar system in particular,
You wonder, “What does it do?”

It shows me my time,
In years, months and days,
And makes me watch as,
They all pass away.

How can kids say
So casually: “yolo”
“You only live once”
Just once ‘fore you go?

I have one chance,
To ever live my life,
So many things to do,
Before cut off by death’s knife.

What if I waste it,
And someday look back,
From heaven and say,
“Why’d I do that?”

Perhaps writing this down,
Is wasting time too,
What else is a waste?
What can I do?

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