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April 2, 2015
By EsperanzaGonzalez GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
EsperanzaGonzalez GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
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I showed my favorite song to a friend
but she did not understand
when I showed you my favorite poem
you cried a little
and then we began
to say things we shouldn’t
telling the truth while at the same time
leaving it unwritten
saying the things that have not been said
revealing ourselves of the past
while today we could be all but dead
I cannot tell you what you mean to me
because under the denial and uncertainty and fear I feel so potent
I would not know where to start digging
to catch so much as a glance of what I am searching for

The author's comments:

This poem touches on the frustration of a person's telling you everything: their secrets, past, insecurities, everything...but how they feel about you.

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