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April 4, 2015
By KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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what's the purpose of this life really? I'm having a bad day right now(well I've been having some bad months) and I feel like I am on the verge of a mental breakdown and I want to know what's the purpose of life. Why am I here? Why are we all here? Does my existence have meaning? Should I use this life to make something of my existence? Even so, why should I? It all fades away eventually... Ok so maybe I build an empire and when I die it will pass down to my children and their children but won't they die too? Is this all for nothing? Man works, works and works but all we worked for will be gone. So what's the use of working anyways? And what about love? Ubiquitous, inevitable, wonderful, deathly love. I have always strongly believed in the theory of love and it has become more than a theory to me. It is not just an idea to explain a thing or event or fact. It is that fact, it is that event, it is that THING. But still why do we give our all for love when love is such an unfaithful lover? True, that feeling of love stays with us our entire life but love itself always leaves. Think about it, when we love something or someone we become it. We exist in them so they become us. As cliche as it sounds, when your love leaves a part of you is gone. The warmth of their love still resides in you but is it enough to warm us for our entire life? If the object of your love will eventually leave, what's the use of loving anyways? When it comes to determining the basis of life, to me at least, it falls under two categories: love and legacy. Everything we aspire to do, want to do and will do falls under these categories. So what's the point of living if it all goes away? I know I'm young and I haven't orbited the sun enough to know the true pain of life but I've orbited it 16 times and well, I've seen enough. So I beg you, tell me please. Tell me what's the point of it all?

(p.s. maybe I just need some God in my life)

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