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flow like a river, rumble like the sea

April 4, 2015
By KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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I just wanna be able to sing like the birds, not worrying who hears or what they think

flow like a river, rumble like the sea
where there is freedom, we will try to be


at the bottom of the Sea, they laid sands of promise and dignity
declaration of independence and the emancipation of slavery
we had high hopes of what we could be
and I believe we fulfilled it...partially
why partially you might say?
we've come from far but the Waters are musky and filled with decay
they tell you that you can have rights as long as you swim their way
the illusion they created is slowly fading away

but how dare you tell us where to swim when we live in a Sea
a Sea that's vast with sharks and oppurtunities
we are ubiquitous, we are Water, we are everywhere in this place
so why are we defined by status and race?
we are ubiquitous, we are Water, we have the ability to be
so why is the very air we breathe killing us slowly?
we are ubiquitous, we are Water, we hold dear life in our existence
but the sharks still come after us with absolute persistence
they make us look shallow but our Waters are deep
Genocides, discrimination and the slave trade, in our soil have seeped

Martin Luther King told us to use peace to heal our scars
so why are we always the driving force in wars?
I recall the Constituition having ideals based on equality
But life seems indefinitely harder for minorities
Oh sure we have a right to protest and assemble peacefully
But didn't I see blacks being tear-gassed while marching for Mike Brown in the streets?
Oh yes we are supposed to be a big, bad, free Sea
while our Waters are restricted, racist and murky

Maya Angelou told us she knows why the caged bird sings
through his efforts, he had hoped freedom will one day ring
they talk about us as pretty lakes and rivers that peacefully flow
but see there's an angry volcano erupting below
And our waters will never be clean until that volcano erupts
Ashes of repentance that will manifest into an island that's not corrupt

flow like a river, rumble like the sea
one day freedom will reign and that's where we'll be.....

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