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Revelations at 3 pm (or 3 Existential Crises)

January 15, 2015
By WolfsBane SILVER, Kerrville, Texas
WolfsBane SILVER, Kerrville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
“Death in anonymity is the ultimate insult to human dignity.”
-Kathy Reichs

I. No matter how much we pretend we are
Above those creatures we call
We are of them too.
Our opposable thumbs and
So-called “Developed” frontal lobes
Don’t matter much to old Mama Nature.
We have more in common
With a common fruit fly
Than with any sort of “Intelligent” creature
That just so happens
To cross our path.
II. Death is a necessary part
Of us.
So why do we fear it so?
Is it the fear of the unknown
Or leaving behind the beloved to grieve?
Or simply the loss of “Advanced” technology?
I accepted the fact
That I’m going to die
Long ago, but that doesn’t mean
That I fear or hate it.
More like, I view death as an entity
That, like air, we cannot see, but
Because it gives us something to live for.
III. If we had hearts or minds
Of blackness, might we absorb
All emotion directed at us, and
Cease to be noticed, because
We don’t reflect any.
Hell, even if we could create walls
Of a pure black emotion,
Might we disappear entirely?
And I would not mind that.
Not one bit.
IV. All this I think about
As I sit and wait
For the final bell to ring.

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