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January 5, 2015
By Livietbh BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Livietbh BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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"You're tacky and I hate you."-Billy from the School of Rock

Heavy drops of salty tears, staining raw flesh
as a gentle breeze ran across goosebump-sprinkled skin.
Echoes of silence played as a small light shone on my head,
inside a home that hugged me to its chest
A foot placed on a damp board, wondering where I will go

A white van designated for bad children,
a caring homeless with soup to share.
Only I didn’t want soup
I didn’t want to be engulfed by darkness only to lead me to death
No longer did I want my cold foot upon damp wood,
as I shut a heavy door leading to an familiar but unknown world,
the soft hums of the house never ceasing

The author's comments:

I wrote this about a hard time I was going through a couple of years ago.

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