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Author of Life

December 28, 2014
By Emme498 BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
Emme498 BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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Life is its own book where you are the author
It begins with the first breath you take and ends with your last,
It’s a romance, comedy, tragedy, and full of pain.
That pain defines you,
That love strengthens you
And the drive comes from what everybody tries to tells us who we are.
We defy those rules of who we can and can not be.
Why let them tell you who you are,
Why let them dictate how your story is perceived
What gave them the right to take the pen and write their words on your page ,
Take back what is yours and WRITE YOUR LIFE!
It’s hard and you will fall but get up
Get up and prove that you will not be moved
Because you are not done
Not until there are no more pages to write on
No more books to be filled,
No more thoughts to be conceived
Not until that moment will you ever think about ending your story
Let your light lead those who are sitting in darkness, out of the tunnel and into the day
If you can’t do something then find a way to do it
If you want something then find out how to get it.
If they can’t see that you are there
Then wipe off the dust covering their eyes,
Blind them with the light that is you,
Don’t ever let your story end with what if I 
Let end in with WHAT I DID,
There is someone who looks to you for inspiration
Don’t ever lead them to the coward that is that knife.
You hold your own key to the chains that bind you,
Spread your wings
Fly higher than the expectations people placed on you,
If you think you are alone your wrong
Look a little harder; turn around
Because they’re screaming your name they’re saying YOU CAN!
You can. You can! It’s all up to you
Your life. Your life is your story, no one else can claim it
It is what you write. If you haven’t written anything yet then get started,
If you hate what you have written then rewrite it.
If you don’t know how it ends; that’s ok because the best endings are new beginnings.  

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