December 24, 2014
By Fluffylaw PLATINUM, Novi, Michigan
Fluffylaw PLATINUM, Novi, Michigan
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I’m walking across the acres of farming fields between our homes
Earthworms whining under my hard, determined feet
Tissue paper clouds melting away from candlelight of the setting sun
I see you in the distance
Only a small black dot,
Nothing more.
But I see clearly
You have a walking stick
Ripped from an innocent tree
Bare from autumn shedding.
I see every fold and crinkle in your face in your concentration
Swinging at imaginary monsters and demons
Saving your damsel in distress.

The distance between us closes, and now you’re a silhouette
I see the windblown T-shirt glowing red
I’m imagining your twinkling eyes laughing at the sight of me
And I hear your wild laughter even though I know you’re too far away
For me to hear you.

The sky turns from red to purple and now you’re blurry
But we’re coming in closer
Still coming, and I’m waiting for you
Anticipating the moment we come face to face and link hands.

Now you’re only meters away, and I feel your presence there, flying to join mine
I smile, you’re finally here
But where are your lean arms?
Your freckles, the red glowing shirt I saw so clearly
It’s too dark, but it doesn’t matter, I know it’s there,
Somewhere, swimming around, slithering behind

I don’t imagine you anymore, because you’re here
Now you’re here, coming to stand beside me
The stars out and the planets teasing me
Challenging me to trace the short distances between each star
And I do, but the stars are shifting, running away from my finger with peals of laughter
I laugh too, but then I start to cry
They’re all running away from me
I turn to you, and I feel your hollow shell
I reach for your hand, but all I feel is air
A slow breeze purrs over my face and rustles…

As I open my eyes to curtains billowing by the open window.

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