Lost Things

December 21, 2014
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Where is it?
Is it here?
Or Is it there?
Is it hiding underneath my bed?
Or is it just all inside my head?

I’m confused,
don’t know where to turn
I feel like I’ve looked everywhere
examined every nook and cranny
but I look again.

Where is it?
Is it outside?
Or Is it inside?
Is it stuffed up in a suitcase?
Or Is it hidden in the fridge?

I’m frustrated,
getting fed up with myself
Irritation is creasing up my forehead
and furrowing my eyebrows
but I look again.

Where is it?
Is it up?
Or Is it down?
Is it pressed between my textbook?
Or Is it burrowed deep in my closet?
but I look again.

I’m angry,
nothing is coming to my brain,
I can’t remember, I can’t recall
where I left it that late saturday night
but I look again.

Where is it?
Is it left?
Or Is it right?
Is it stuck in my kitchen pantry?
Or is it in the dark depths that constitute my pockets?

I’m inconsolable,
I’m blue-er than the oceans and seas
My spirit has sunken deeper than the titanic
into a bottomless whirlpool tugging at my heart
but I look again.

Where is it?
Is it near?
Or Is it far?
Is it in my locker at school?
Or Is it in my seat at class?

I’m desperate,
clinging onto my last ember of hope
burning within me, fueling my efforts.
I do what I would not have ever tried,
utter what I dare not ever say.
and I look again.

Where is it?
Is it North?
Or Is it South?
My eyes fall on my knight in shining armor
a hero to save the day. (and me)

I’m elated!
Exclamation points are for me!!!
I’m as happy as can be!
My heart expands with delight
And I’ve found my notebook.

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Lizmendoza said...
Jul. 29, 2016 at 8:38 am
I love the last sentence in paragraph five. It's phenomenal!
Gagax replied...
Aug. 6, 2016 at 8:37 am
thanks! hey lizz :3
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