December 20, 2014
By dappled.sunlight SILVER, Toronto, Other
dappled.sunlight SILVER, Toronto, Other
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"Plant a tree in your heart, and a songbird will come." -Chinese Proverb

Some will quail at the reality
Of gravity,
Of the possibility that they will fall,
And they try to vanquish it.
They delude themselves that their strength is enough,
Their feet become indestructible things
That fail in the last moment.
But mountain goats! They do not consider gravity
An enemy.
They run up those indiscernible crags
Of an old man’s forbidding forehead —
The goats do not fear it,
They embrace it!

The author's comments:

This is a metaphor for people who scorn G-d's existence because they cannot understand it, and the people who accept G-d despite what they can't understand. I doubt G-d too. It's a natural thing. But to assume that we as humans, with such limited perceptions, can refute G-d's existence, is futile. We are not all-knowing. We have to accept that there are gonna be things we will never know. 

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