December 8, 2014
By Mo-Con BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Mo-Con BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Our past is a story. Our future is it's sequel."

Looking behind my shoulder

I hurry down the hall

The clock mocking me as I run


No matter how far I run

They follow close behind

A shadow in my steps


Their pained moans echo around

Growing louder and blare through the dark hall

Till it stops


A breath tickles my ear

A chill runs down my spine

And dark eyes peirce through my heart


All three cretures stare

The one in middle leans in with its jaw open and yellow teeth glemming 

And screams


I gasp for air

My lungs greedily gulping in the air

Till I feel like they might explode with the amount


White walls

Not black

Not the hallway


I close my eyes

And crunch the white sheets in my hand

It was over


It was silent

Just me 

And the lingering dream


Till I hear a thud on the glass

And turn my head

There's a boy on the other side of the glass wall


He falls to his knees

Sobs rack his body

Clear streams scurry down his hot cheeks


He didn't deserve this

To watch his father die

To have to move in with his grandpa and grandma


That is all I remember since then

I know only know white walls and sheets

And a glass wall


They think this will help my maddness

That it will just cure me

It only hels me lose more sanity


But they are afraid

So they lock me up

And keep him away


So like always he leaves

Away from sin and insanity

Away from his mother

The author's comments:

This peice is a school project I finished and really enjoyed. So I hope you do to.

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