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November 17, 2014
By Pdvarona PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
Pdvarona PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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It’s proven that the universe is expanding
Even as we speak
It’s proven that the outskirts, those farther from the center, are moving faster
They’re moving away at an accelerated pace
I think that’s what’s happened to you and me
I’m so far from you
And you’re trying to hold on
But I keep drifting
And every time you open your mouth
You send a few words
You deliver a smile my way
I want to run in the opposite direction

The scientists say they don’t know what energy is pushing it away
But maybe they’ve never thought that
things drift apart
Because circumstances change
Because you changed
And you didn’t even give me the courtesy
of informing me
Of letting me choose if I liked this
new person

Well, this dark energy
The one I can’t see but I feel as it thrusts
me back
Is you
Who knew you could ever be
Synonymous with darkness
Well, I hope we rip apart
I hope I can run faster and you’ll realize
That the universe and I aren’t so different
I don’t like your core
So I’m leaving.

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