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New Love

November 9, 2014
By ShannonLinder GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
ShannonLinder GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
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I overflow
Though I have never had any walls
I’d rather be naive and fall
Because sunshine never breaks,
Therefore I am safe
I have lily-soft skin
Have you any idea
The mess you’re in?
The beautiful mess you’ve fallen in

I pride myself in this
Overwhelming love
For her big brown eyes
For his first blinking with the right eye
For his freckles
For her innumerable sun speckles
And laughing like bubbling rain
You’ll never know when I will
Come again

Wrap me up
But never forget that I am bigger than you
Than my spirit is bigger
That my heart swells bigger than you can comprehend
Wrap me up in your giant hands
But I am no little bird
I will warm your skin yet
I will break your fingers when they squeeze too tight
You cannot cage the sunlight.

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