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Wishing Ring

November 9, 2014
By ShannonLinder GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
ShannonLinder GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
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I have loved many men
Though mostly in my mind
And I was so shy back then
I can still feel them from time to time
I can’t really tell you why
As the radiator burns my back and my skin
Is turning red and softening
Your fingers cannot make any of the facts sink in
I was starving for a long time and my hands are shaking
I never understand the moves you’re making
Never anticipated the path I’d be taking
But I was lonely for so long
Sometimes I forget who I even am
You’d call me a lion but I don’t give a damn
This hot water is turning my body red
I wonder who you’re loving instead
Don’t leave me hanging by a thread
I never played very well with string
Tie it up and make a swing
Or around my finger, a wishing ring
Wait for it to unravel along
Maybe my wishes are wrong.

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