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November 4, 2014
Raven black hair dances in the wind
Dazzling green eyes twinkle in the night
Squalid and bare feet race across the dirt
Her eyes show that she is vivacious
And ravenous as well
Then suddenly feet are paws
Unyielding legs push hard
And the wind becomes stronger
She is so quiet it's sagacious to watch where you go
She is not feeble
She is small
But she is brilliant
Exhausted she slows at the face of a cabin
Paws become feet
An ancient man opens the door
He is anxious about he girl and runs to hug her
They may be destitute
But they will never be ravenous
For she is one with the wolf

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Ms. Caler said...
Nov. 13, 2014 at 5:22 pm
Awesome job!!! I'm super proud of you. This poem is fantastic. Keep writing. :-)
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