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Dreaming of Love

October 31, 2014
By EddyE SILVER, Eightmile, Alabama
EddyE SILVER, Eightmile, Alabama
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I be dreaming

Livinga and cleaning

The air that I'm breathing


Of my heart that is spoiling 

Drunk in love and my mind is pounding the hardest

This is a love poem 

Make me want to sing or rap poem

All I need is a piano,guitar, and a drum

Cause as the light comes and the sun shines bright in my eyes I get stunned

At the sightof beauty



Imaginative cutie

I love all her curves and edges

All her perfect and imperfections

She has my utmost desire and affection

Her touch

Her lips

Her sensibility to make a man's mind rip

She like the sunshine and rain all in one 

With her it's all and done

We're all and some

Got me a catch now I'm off to run

She's inscribed in me

For her my heart is open and it bleed

In God's name I've found that soul mate to please so lord just please

Don't let this happiness turn into a distant memory

And let it get wiped away like snot when you sneeze

I want all of you cause you have all of me

It feel too good to be all just a dream

But if it is I don't want to wake up 

Gonna live with this and wear the excitement on my skin like it's makeup

And write it down on a sheet of paper

Put it in my pocket and lock it until we're old and live forever

As our storms will be weathered

And we've lived till there's nothing better


Than the sight of you and me together

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