Madame Tristesse MAG

October 18, 2014
By regan2177 GOLD, Elm Grove, Wisconsin
regan2177 GOLD, Elm Grove, Wisconsin
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She breathes
In her own reality
Unblinking, she sees
The dent in the wall
As more than drywall
Caving in
And more
Something like her

Her smiles
Are worth more than 1,000 paper bills
Not because they’re beautiful
But because
They’re rarer
Than the solar eclipse
She says
“The world
only makes sense
when I’m sad”
But then again
She always says
She understands

She has a pocketful
Of drugstore-priced
And a cellar full
Of 52-karat remorse
She drives a banged-up
2006 Camry
Because she wants
To look the same
Inside and

She’s always
No matter how much sleep
She gets
Maybe it’s from all the
But she just says it’s from
All the voices
That call
Her name

She sees in kaleidoscope dreams
And bombshell memories
But now
She’s not seeing too much

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