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The Deceptive Dream

September 26, 2014
By BetsyJ GOLD, Vellore, Other
BetsyJ GOLD, Vellore, Other
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Apt words have power to suage the tumours of a troubled mind.

- Milton.

The blur and the mist cleared,

And all around me glistered.

My feet felt the touch of soft clouds,

I heard giggles of laughter aloud.

The wings of angels brushed against my hands,

dulcet sounds filled the air as they all danced.

Whispers of excitement crept into my ear,

as ecstacy and tranquility, they grew more clear.

I opened my eyes to see,

a heaven like paradise mesmerize me.

There stood an efidice of gold, a statue of silver,

food and wine enough to warm the liver!

I could no longer forbear awhile,

I ran towards it but I was tired.

I felt decepted and cheated,

so weak and defeated.

All which I saw, felt and heard,

were no longer to be found.

Now, I was scared and lonely,

" I want to go home!" I cried coldly.

Just when I saw an angel pass me by,

I woke up to reality's harsh cry.

It was just a dream.

It was too good a view,

to be really true.

The author's comments:

The experience when one has in a dream and then wakes up to realise that all of it was just an illusion.

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