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Sense of Dead

August 22, 2014
By tonypony PLATINUM, Torrance, California
tonypony PLATINUM, Torrance, California
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Favorite Quote:
Just because we don't feel flesh doesn't mean we don't fear death - Crystal Castles
I got soul but I'm not a soldier - The Killers

Who knew what one four letter word could do

H, the beginning of my hate

E, mourns my lost empathy

L, a reminder of the love I've lost

And P, to end my pathetic pain

When did life become x-rated fiction

Maybe once I lost my ability to feel and my war to heal

A battle I fought with myself, wounding my being day by day

The once exquisite savour of living has been tasted with a broken tongue

These eyes have not stopped their sleep

They listen less than the drums of my ears

Hands are numb, touching is a forgotten dream

All my senses have left,

leaving me

Where, but dead

The author's comments:

Written April 4, 2014

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