August 21, 2014
yesterday I went to take a shower and all I could think was
I don’t wanna live
I just hate everything and everyone and I
don’t like this place-
this place we call earth
I feel so empty like I have
done so much losing I just have nothing more to lose
its all taken its toll on me and I don’t wanna live
please god just you have to give me something

I need something
to keep me going please you have to give me something
and then I looked down to find my
body covered completely with little goosebumps

and their tiny little voices cried out that they knew I was cold- -
from the weight of the world and the stress of leaving
and all of the piled up grief
covering up my soul with ice until it wasn’t able to feel--
numb to it all

and they said don’t you worry
we’ll keep the love in
we wont let the warmth seep out from your skin
we care about you
we will keep the life in your bones
don’t you worry about a thing

their voices were small but they dripped with power

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