Insecure Girls Don't Do Big Things

August 17, 2014
People like me,

who have a stash of

knives inside them

that are used involuntarily each

time my feelings are crumbled

and suffocated and stomped on,

don't do big things.

My swim coach put me in the

200 free, and saw something in me,

that enabled him to believe I could

swim 8 laps at a meet and succeed.

But I saw nothing but a shaky

shackled together mess of a


And the knives that plunged at my insides,

made me plummet as I failed

the 200 freestyle.

A girl who doesn't feel happy about

herself is a mess of a person.

Insecure girls don’t become

successful writers or teachers or

business people.

They forge in fears of a future of


And always believe that

the knives inside control them ,

until they recite the fact like a horrifying poem:
insecure girls don’t do big things.

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