Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?

August 16, 2014
By Hells_Will SILVER, Davenport, Washington
Hells_Will SILVER, Davenport, Washington
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Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?
At a place so tranquil,
It's almost as if
It's untouched by humans,
Yet humans visit everyday.

Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?
On a towel,
Or even just the plain sand,
And listen to the noises,
That, that particular lake makes.

Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?
By yourself,
Or with some friends,
Playing games on land,
Or swimming in the water,
Till the sky goes black.

Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?
Lounging about,
Staring at the glistening water,
As the sun sets,
And the woods as your backdrop.

Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?
And played with the wildlife,
Catching frogs,
And fish,
Then letting them go.

Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?
And let your worry's,
Float away,
On the currents,
Like pieces of driftwood.

Lakes Are Everywhere.
From sea,
To shining sea,
And every country,
And every place in between.

Have You Ever Sat By A Lake?

The author's comments:
I wrote this as I was heading back from the lake. I was going to my cousins house since I hadn't seen them in a ridiculously long time! Although my cousins had to go ahead of me since they were headed to their grandmothers house for dinner I went back with one of their friends and we stayed back a little while. I had said the line "It's almost as if it's untouched by humans, although humans visit practically every day." And she had said that it sounded very poetic so I decided to write a poem using that line while I was sitting by the lake waiting for us to head back. We picked up some trash that my cousins left behind then we were on our way. In the car I reminisced on my day and remembered we had caught frogs. i know that this is long and the grammar is horrible! but I hope that this helps you appreciate the piece a bit more!

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on Sep. 19 2014 at 2:18 pm
JJ_Lone PLATINUM, Davenport, Washington
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Love your poems!! keep up the awesome work!!!


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