I Am the Master

August 14, 2014
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They ask who I am
And who is that?
I am the Master

I am the Master of the knotted tree
Climbing branches
Conquering new heights atop
Mountains of maple

I am the Master of expansive oceans
Creating waves from simple ripples
Dominating the tallest crests
Plunging into Water’s vicious grasp
And taunting it with still a new breath

I am the Master of questions
Tossing aside the problems of the world
Dismissing ignorance as a passing fad
Striking down tests thrown my way

I am the Master of deceit
Belying others by cloaking
A dark interior with light humor
Feigning modesty
In pity of others

I am the Master of language
Living ascetically
With a simple vocabulary
To grace others with my thoughts

I am the Master of mistakes
Living through them as if I am one
Asserting them as right
To the point where wrong is unknown
To all but the Master

I am the Master of health
Keeping the doctors away
Despite illness each day
Parrying Death’s advances
With new bursts of good "fortune"

I am the Master of others
Giving them happiness
When I could take it all away
Allowing them to think
That they are masters themselves

I am the Master of myself
Choosing my path
My friends, foes, obstacles
Deciding what is and is not
Yet making circumstances
Look like chances

They ask who I am
And what do I say?
I simply smile and tell them
I am Evan

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