I don't know how

July 30, 2014
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I don't know how.
How to express what I'm feeling.
How to breathe.
How to laugh like I'm happy.
How to say the things they need to hear.
How to stop him from hurting.
I don't know how.
How to let it all out.
How to take it all in.
How to prove that I'm fine.
How to show them me.
How to keep the emotions from boiling over.
I don't know how.
I wish I did,
But I don't.
I don't know where I'm headed,
Or what I'll do with my life.
I don't know what tomorrow will bring,
Or if I believe in anything.
I don't know who to put my trust in,
Or if I should put it in anyone.
I just don't know anymore.
It's that part of life,
The part that makes you think you're
The part that cuts you to the
The part that shows you life is
The part that shows you the
Silver lining.
I hope the silver lining comes soon because this

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